Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Ei Ritur Akdin (19??)

Lyrics and story: Salil




Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth


Karon Akaraner beDa Manna Dey - - - - - - -


Aami rajneetifeetir dhaar dhaarina Manna Dey - - - - - - -
RA3 Amaar kichhu moner aasha Anup Ghosal - - - - - - -
This film never saw the light of the day. The songs, however, were recorded. Rumour has it that the story was very much similar to 'Akdin Ratre' and there's even a scene similar to 'Akdin raatre' where Chhobi Biswas, the veteran bengali actor staggers home after having a few drinks singing 'Karon akaraner beDa'. Aparently Salil wanted to include this song in 'Akdin raatre', but Raj Kapoor who was putting up the money, decided that this song is not really a crowd puller. In stead Salil composed the hit 'Ei duniyaay bhai sabhi hoy'. and Manna Dey did a fantastic job.
For the enthusiasts, 'Karon akaraner beDa' and 'Aami rajneetifeetir dhaar dhaarina' are songs from the IPTA days. 'Ammar kichhu moner aasha' is of course that unforgettable song originally recorded by Utpala Sen along with 'Prantorero gaan ammar'. Sadly, its recording by Anup Ghosal is not available.