Salil's entry into Malayalam Films started with the film 'Chemmeen' directed by Ramu Kariat. Based on the touching novel of the same name by the renowned Malayalee writer Thakazhy Shivshankar Pillai, Chemmeen became a landmark in Malayalam Cinema. It also received the Presidents Gold Medal in 1965. The wonderful songs of Chemmeen along with the composer Salil Chowdhury became widely known in Kerala. Salil formed a formidable team with the Malyalee lyricist Vayalar Rama Varma and the poet O.N.V Kurup and composed music for over 25 films. I think for Salil admirers it is mandatory to listen to these songs. I know that it's quite difficult to find records of all these films, but HMV has fortunately released a 4-pack cassette and some CDs with most of these songs.
Salil also composed only the background music for three Malayalam films - Abhayam, Vaasthuhaara and Vellam.

Year Film
1965 Chemmeen
1968 Ezhuraathrikal
1970 Abhayam
1973 Swapnam
1974 Nellu
1975 Neelaponman
1975 Raagam
1975 Rasaleela
1975 Thomasleeha (or St. Thomas)
1975 Prateekshaa
1976 Aparadhi
1976 Thulavarsham
1977 Dweep (background music only)
1977 Samayamayilla Polum
1977 Etho Oru Swapnam
1977 Madanolsavam
1977 Vishukkanni
1978 Devdasi
1979 E Ganam Marakkumo
1979 Chuvanna Chirakkukal
1979 Puthiya Velicham
1980 Air Hostess
1982 Anthiveylile Ponnu
1984 Vellam (background music only)
1990 Vaasthuhaara (background music only)
1991/92 Thamburan
1994 Thumboli Kadappuram