Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Atmadaan (1989)

Producer and Director Rishi Sharma

This film was made in 1989 and was selected by National Panorama but for some unknown reason it was never released. I have talked to its Producer and Director Rishi Sharma in Delhi. According to him the film is kept in the National Panorama archives and its very difficult to get it.
During the films initial phase the director was none other than Hrishikesh Mukherjee - but halfway thru he had quit and it was completed by Ambish Sangal and Rameshwari.
The principal actors were Rameshari, Sadasib Amarapurkar, Shanu, Janaki Das, Abhi Bhattyacharya and Sumita Sanyal.
4 songs were recorded and were sold to Jai Mataji label which later became T-Series but no casstte was released.
One song was by Bhupinder, one by Antara and two by Sabita.
The background music was not done by Salil. Rishi Sharma wasn't very happy with the songs. He claims that he was promised that the background singers will be people like Lata, Asha etc but that didn't happen and commercially he had lost out.