Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Raat Ki Uljhan (19??)

Lyrics: Gulzar

Nr Song Singer(s)

Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
RU1 In bahaaron ki kasam Hemant Kumar
Krishna Kalle
- - - - - - -
RU2 Koi pukaare kahise Krishna Kalle - - - - - SM5 -
RU3 Ek dapha ki baat hai Mahendra Kapoor - - - - - MC5 -
RU4 Gul khile ya na khile Mohd. Rafi
Geeta Dutt
- - - - - SC19 -

Pal pal dil mera dole

Sabita Chowdhury - - - - - - -

This film was never really made. A cassette suddenly appeared in the market with 5 songs under this film's name. It seems that all these songs were probably recorded for a film which could have been called "Raat ki Uljhan" but I have grave doubts about it. Even the cover photograph is questionable. However, the only credible fact about this film is that the lyrics of all these songs were written by Gulzar. It lists two songs sung by Lata and Asha Bhonsle but once you listen to the songs they are definitely not Lata or Asha. Song# RU2 lists Lata, Song# RU4 lists Rafi and Sabita and Song# RU5 lists Asha as the singers. I realised after playing the cassette that the labeling was totally wrong. Song# RU5 is definitely Sabita, Song# RU4 is Rafi and what sounded like Geeta Dutt and Song# RU2 is definitely not Lata. My bet is on Krishna Kalle.
The original bengali version of RU2 by Sandhya Mukherjee is a rare and an amazing composition. Its a great pity that Salilda had to use the melody of that song in this unknown and unreleased film sung by some unknown singer. I am just thinking what Lata would have made of this song.
At least we now have these rare songs due to this pirated cassette..