Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Sabse Bada Sukh (1972)

Lyrics: Yogesh

Nr Song Singer(s)

Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
SB1 Chal chal chal re, pyaasa man mere Manna Dey & Chorus - SP4 - - - LM17 -
SB2 Dil dil se milega, Oh Yes dil milega Nitin Mukesh & female voice - - - - - - -
This is another unremarkable film which came and disappeared into oblivion. Except for the Manna Dey song "chal chal re" which is quite a good hindi version of that bengali classic by Lata "antabiheen". Its used in the Title music and after that the rest of the film is quite soporific.I still find it difficult to believe that the supposedly cabaret song "dil dil se milegaa" is a Salilda composition. The singing is awful, the lyrics don't make much sense and the melody and the orchestration do not have any Salilda touch. Couldn't trace the name of the female voice. My advise would be to her "please don't sing anymore, it hurts - find a different trade"...