Malayalam Films of Salil Chowdhury

Vaasthuhaara (1990)
The Dispossessed

This film was directed by the well-known Malayalee director Govindan Aravindan. Its based on a story by C.V.Sriraman. The actors were Mohanlal, Neelanjana Mitra, Neena Gupta and Padmini. It received quite a few awards. Aravindan chose Salilda for this film because this film was shot in West Bengal. The superstar of Malayalam cinema, ‘Bharat’ Mohanlal had the leading role in this film.
It contains two folk songs by Avijit Basu. One of them is 'Dehotori chhaaira dilaam'. I don't know the other song. The backgound theme in this film is based on a Haimanti Shukla song in Bengali 'Jetey daao nodi hoye'(HS3) and the Title music is really wonderful.