Karumbu (1973)
(The Sugarcane)

Lyrics: Song#KR2 and KR#3 by Sitapathikaram. Song#KR1 is a traditional song




Other known versions

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth


Kanne Kanmariye

Mrs Salil Chowdhury

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Thingal malai


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Thingal malai

P. Susheela

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When I started researching this film I got the information that this film was never released. I was proven wrong by my dear friend Ranabir Neogy who confirmed its release. Although it didn't run for long. Anyway, I have been very fortunate to get the songs after years of search. I had no idea of the background of this film or the lyricist Sitapathikaram until V.Venkatramanan contacted me from Canada asking me for the song Thingal Malai. He explained to me the background of the lyrics and commented on Thingal Malai " the singer is KJ Yesudoss (MalayAlee), the other version is sung by PS (Telugu) tuned by Salil (Bengali), for a movie to be directed by Ramu Kariat (a MalayAlee). Yet, the song has perfectly captured the forlorn spirit of kANalvari and the grand epic. Yesudoss has come up with an impeccable rendition. The song is loosely based in chakravaaham (one of the generic carnatic raaga)." Venkat wrote a wonderful article on the epic Cilappathikaaram and also sent me the tamil lyrics.You can read the article here.
Incidently, Ramu Kariat's association with Salil goes back to the Chemmeen days when the film was given the President's Award in 1965.