Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

BaaDi Thekey Paaliye (1959)




Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth


Maa go amaar Sabita Chowdhury - - - - - - -


Amaar ei horidaasher bulbul bhaaja(part 1)
Hemanta Mukherjee - - - - - - -
BT3 Amaar ei horidaasher bulbul bhaaja(part 2) Hemanta Mukherjee              
BT4 Aailaam re koilkatta Shyamal Mitra HT4 - - - - SS8 -

'Maa go amaar' is possibly one of Sabita's most memorable songs ever. It's also one of Salil's most important compositions.His use of strings in the background reminds one of his love for the western classical music. The flow of this song with its rich strings and its lyrics creates an overpowering emotional experience.
In the '80s, CMR, Salil's own company released a very rare cassette of Subir Sen which contained some wonderful compositions. One of them "amaar jibon toroni" sounds very similar to "airaam ke koilkataa"
"horidaaser bulbulbhaja" is a traditional tune which Salil adapted for this film. Hemanta who sang it beautifully also used the same song as the composer with different lyrics and different melody in the Bengali film "Sreeman Prithviraj"(1972).