Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Half Ticket (1962)
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Lyrics: Shailendra

Title Music

Nr Song Singer(s)

Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
HT1 Aa rahey the.. cheel cheel chillaa ke Kishore - - - - - OS56 -
HT2 Wo ek nighaah kyaa milee Lata, Kishore - - - - - - -
HT3 Aa ke seedhi lagi dil pe jaise kaTariyaa Kishore - - - - - - -
HT4 Arey le lo, ji le lo hai ye dil kaa heera Kishore - - - - - BT4 -
HT5 aa.nkho.n mei.n tum dil mei.n tum ho Geeta, Kishore - - - - - OS67 -
HT6 Chaa.nd raat, tum ho saath Lata, Kishore - - - - - - -
HT7 Arey, waah mere maalik Kishore - - - - - - -
The rumour has it that this film was inspired by the '60s Jerry Lewis comedy "You are never too young". Kishore shows his multiple talents as an actor, a comedian and an amazing singer singing in his own voice and also in a woman's voice in the same song ! Quite a feat really and there are some funny stories around it. Some of the most fascinating compositions of Salil are in this film. In one hand Salil experimented with the most incredible operatic arpeggios challenging and using Lata and Kishore's voices in the song 'Wo ik nigah kyaa milee' and on the other hand composed some wonderful melody in 'Chand raat tumho saath' inspired by scottish folk music .Salil composed four Bengali songs sung by two less well-known artists called Kaartik & Basanta. One of the songs is a mixture of Song #HT1 and Song #HT3. Actually it’s an excellent song on it’s own. I’m sure Salil was feeling lazy or nostalgic or both ! HMV has been kind and thoughtful enough to bring out a CD with all the songs.