Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Rupaali Soikate (1979)
(Along The Silvery Beach)

Directed by Alamgir Kabir
(Bengali film made in Bangladesh)

Lyrics: Salil
** Lyrics by Alamgir Kabir




Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth


Kichhu kichhu kathaa aachhe Talat Mahmood CS6 - - - - - -


Kano mono kamono Shyamal Mitra and Sabita Chowdhury. - - - - - - -


**Phele aasaa din more Manna Dey - - - - - - -

This film was made in Bangladesh in 1979. I had absolutely no idea till very recently about the existence of this film. Alamgir Kabir has been a very talented and highly respected Film Director in Bangladesh. It took me many years of search in various countries before I managed to find an awful copy of the film. Fortunately, the soundtrack wasn't too bad. Salil used the melody of the first song ("Kichhu kichhu kathaa aachhe ") to compose "Kisi ne jaadu kiyaa" in "Chaand Aur Sooraj. The second song "Kano mono kamono" is a rare duet based on the raag Meghamallar by Shyamal Mitra and Sabita.
A real gem is Manna Dey's "phele aasaa din more" - a delighful song with typical Salil touch.