Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Chaand Aur Sooraj (1965)

Lyrics: Shailendra

Title music

Nr Song Singer(s)

Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
CS1 Baagh mei.n kali khili bagihaa mehki Asha - CM2 - - - SC8 -
CS2 Jhanana jhana baaje, bochhuaa baaje Lata - - - - - OS21 -
CS3 Tumhei.n dil se chaaha, tumhei.n dil diya hai Suman Kalyanpur,
-   - - - PB2 -
CS4 Teri yaad na dil se jaa saki Lata -   - - - OS11 -
CS5 Meri aur unki preet puraani Asha -   - - - - -
CS6 Kisi ne jaadoo kiyaa, meraa man moho liyaa Mukesh -   - - - RS1
'Baagh mei.n kali khili' is an amazing song and the film version is much longer and much better than the meagre three minute version HMV released years back. Salil was clearly quite impressed with his own composition. He used the melody of this song in many other songs and background music. In an interview he did mention that one of his favourite compositions is 'Baagh mei.n'.
'Kisi ne jaadoo kiyaa' was unfortunately deleted from the film. It's a beautiful song.
As usual,HMV must have lost the master tape. The only song one finds in often repeated Salil compilations is 'Baagh mei.n'.
"jhanana jhanana baaje" is of course one of the the most beautiful raag "Kalavati" based compositions of Salil. The original bengali version recorded in 1963 by Dhananjoy Bhattyacharya still remains a masterpiece. What makes this song so memorable is Salil's clever use of "shuddha maddhyam" in antara - a note which doesn't really belong to "Kalavati" but it did create the most delightful effect. Typical Salil touch !
Incidently, raag "Kalavati" is called "Valaji" in Carnatic music. "Kalavathi" in Carnatic music is a completely different raag.