Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Aakhiri Badlaa (1989)

Lyrics: Yogesh

Nr Song Singer(s)

Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
AB1 Jaane kaisaa jaadoo ye chal gayaa Asha - - - - - AG2 BJ5
AB2 Man kare yaad wo din Kishore DY2 CC3 - - - AG1 -
AB3 O mere saathi re Lata, Kishore - EO2


- - AG3 -

It seems rather strange that there's another hindi version of the Song#AB2. A Hindi film called 'Daisy' was made in 1980 (Sharmila Tagore etc) which was a dubbed and not so legal version of a Malayalam film called 'Chuvanna Chirakkukal'. This film has the Malayalam version of 'man kare yaad wo din'. So, in 'Daisy' they dubbed this Malayalam song in Hindi without realising that there's a real Hindi Version already in 'Aakhiri Badlaa'. Fortunately, the original Kishore version 'man kare' is a superb song. The dubbed Mahendra Kapoor version doesn't even come close to it. Besides, the lyrics are awful, although one sees Prem Dhawan's name as the lyricist in 'Daisy'. Hard to believe ! Strangely enough an EP of 'Daisy' with all three songs was released by Inreco. I have seen the record cover but not the record.
Incidently, 'Aakhiri Badlaa' (originally called 'Sabotage') is the Hindi Version of the Bengali Film 'Swarnatrishaa' which was released in the early '90s. The original version of 'Swarnatrishaa' was called 'Antarghaat' (1980) which was never released, although a record was released with all the songs.All this is rather confusing. By the way, there was a Japaneese song in that film which I have not listed in the table.