Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Aawaaz (1956)

Lyrics: Zia Sarhadi, Vishwamitra Adil, Shailendra,Prem Dhawan

Nr Song Singer(s)

Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
AW1 Lo bhor hui panchhi niklay* Rafi, chorus - - - - - - -
AW2 o ji oji, teri muTThi mei.n hai jo Khazaana*** Khurshid Baawra - - - - - - -
AW3 Dil deewaana dil mastaana maane na Lata, Talat - - - - - KB3 -
AW4 Aaraarum taaraaum, duniya ke kaise kaise Kishore - - - - - - -
AW5 Majboor-e-mohabbat ne phir humko*** Lata - - - - - - -
AW6 Aayee baaraat baaje gaaje se* Rafi, Balbir - - - - - - -

Dhitaang dhitaang bolay, dil tere liye Dolay**

Lata, chorus - NP1 - - - HM8 -
AW8 Jhun jhunjhunaa jhun jhunjhunaa*** Lata - - - - - - -
AW9 Hasrat-o-yaas… ulfat ke kaam niraale Lata - - - - - - -

Baba teri sone chiraaiya

Lata - - - - - - -

* Lyrics by Shailendra   ** Lyrics by Prem Dhawan  *** Lyrics by Vishwamitra Adil    Rest by Zia Sarhadi
Out of these 10 songs five songs were deleted in the final release. Which is a pity really, since at least four of them   AW5, AW7, AW8 and AW9 are some of the most beautiful compositions of Salil. Song # AW4 by Kishore is also a little gem. So is AW2 by Khurshid Baawra which was left intact !
Song#AW9 also resembles another Salil masterpiece ' Jab tumne mohabat chheenli (#AM6)'  sung by Asha from the film 'Amaanat' . This song finishes abrubtly in the film, so the only way is to get the original 78 rpm record ! However, both these songs have the same construction, same chord progression, same lush cello and string orchestra and wonderful melody line.
The song "Jhun jhunjhunaa" is based on the famous bengali song "Ghoom aay re aay" first recorded by Protima Bandopaddhaay in 1955. The lyrics of this song was written back in 1946 by then famous poet Mangalacharan Chattopaddhaay and Salil composed the music in two parts. The first part is quite slow and the second part is fast. This song was performed by the IPTA delegation with dance in Geneva during the ILO conference in 1952.
Salil used both parts of this song to compose two others. He composed "Aaa jaa re aa nindiyaa to aa" based on the slow part for the film "Do Bigha Zameen" and composed "Jhun jhun jhunaa" based on the fast part.