Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Laal Batti (1957)

Lyrics: Majrooh




Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
LB1 Chhuk chhuk..khoob teri gaaDi waah re Manna Dey, chorus - - - - - - -
LB2 Kyaa se kyaa ho gayaa re Nirmalendu
Chowdhury, chorus
- - - - - - -
LB3 Haay jhilmil jhilmil ye shaam ke saaye Lata - SP3 - - OE3


LB4 Desi kyaa bidesi, goraa bhi kitnaa Shamshad Begum
Manna Dey
- - - - - - -

This is a film set in a train and on a lonely railway platform where passengers are forced to spend a night at the time of India's Independence.

Salil used the interlude of Song# LB3 to compose the Bengali song SC46,the Malayalam song SP3 and the Kannada song OE3. I guess looking at the year, the Laalbatti song came first and then the rest.
I wouldn't rave about the second song (LB2) though. However, the duet by Samsad and Manna Dey is quite a find. Just designed for Samsad !