Ondhe Rupa Eradu Guna (1975)

Song nr. 1 & 2 - Lyric: Ku. ra. Seetharama Shastry
Song nr. 3,4 & 5 - Lyric: R.N.Jayagopal




Other known versions

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
OE1 gum gum gungeruwanthe S.P Balasubramaniam
- - - - - - -
OE2 udala sarala Mohan & S.Janaki MN5 - - - - SC29 -
OE3 jila jila nendu S.P.Balasubramaniam
LB3 - - - - SC46 -
OE4 pa pa ma ga re sa S.P.Balasubramaniam
- - - - LM16 - -
OE5 baa baliya li S.Janaki - - - - - SY3 -

The interlude music of the Hindi version (#LB3) of the song 'haay jhilmil jhilmil ye' was used to create the melody line for 'Jila jila nendu' and it's Bengali equivalent 'Jhilmil jhilmil' (#SC43).
The first song 'gum gum' sounds more like a Rahul Deb Burman composition to me. I know that Salil was very fond of and very proud of Rahul. May be it is his way to acknowledge Rahul's talents.
Sridhar Rajanna is part of kannadaaudio.com site/forum and the radio and manages most of the programs. He made the following comments recently in his blog at http://sridiary.blogspot.com : "O uDaala Saraala.. ADisi pADisi..." is a classic 70s melody by the veteran music director: Salil choudhury. In our discussion forums at kannadaaudio.com, one of our regular members jagruti happened to mention this song, in the now longest running thread "Duet antakshari", and that triggered a search on salilda, and his melodies.
Found www.salilda.com , the world of Salil Choudhury, an excellent website with abundant info on S-C's works in many indian languages. Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Assamese. He is the only M-D who has composed in these many languages with such diversity and proved that music has no barrier.
Thanks to Gautam's effort in preparing and maintaining this site. I was thrilled to listened to this classic melody and many rare gems on this site.
The song O udaala.. saraala, sung by S Janaki and towards the end by "Mohan" (never heard his name), shows Salil-da's versatility and the way he can adapt to any language and song situation. It was from the movie "Onde roopa eraDu guNa" featuring Vishnuvardhan and Jayanti in the lead roles. The song is like an item song but a classic one (unlike the ones churned out these days), with the evergreen "Bharati".
Salil-da is no more with us. I didn't know abt it until I saw this site :( , but his music is eternal. He worked for four Kannada films in the 70s and produced some rarest gems including:
"Dooradinda bandanta sundaraanga jANa" from the movie Samshaya Phala. This is the best cabaret ever, sung by LR Eswari, has excellent rock and roll style guitar music. It is still popular in orchestra's and is frequently played on A-I-R.