Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Maayaa (1961)
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Lyrics: Majrooh

Title Music

Nr Song Singer(s)

Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
MA1 Koi sone ke dil waala Rafi - - - - - - -
MA2 Zindagi hai kyaa, sun meri jaa.n Rafi - - - - - OS26 -
MA3 Tasveer teri dil mei.n, jis din se utaari Lata, Rafi - - - - - LM4 -
MA4 Jaadoo Daale hai machal machal Asha, chorus - - - - - - -
MA5 Jaa re, jaa re uD jaa re panchhi Lata - - - - - LM1 -
MA6 Phir ek baar kaho, isi adaa se kaho Lata, Dwijen Mukherji - - - - - - -
MA7 Ai dil kahaa.n teri manzil Dwijen Mukherji, Lata and Chorus - - - - - DM5 -
MA8 Ai dil kahaa.n teri manzil Lata - - - - - DM5 -
MA9 Sanam tu chal diyaa rastaa mere binaa Rafi - - - - - - -
Some of Salil's best compositions are in this film. Besides, 4 songs by Rafi includes the well-known 'Zindagi hai kyaa, sun meri jaa.n' which is based on the theme of Limelight ( the famous Charlie Chaplin film). Although it's widely known that Rafi had a tough time trying to sing the antara of 'Tasveer teri dil mei.n', I think he did a marvellous job and  sang 4 very different and unforgettable songs.
HMV had released an LP a few years back and has now released a CD but the CD contains only 7 songs. Song MA4 and MA9 are not in the CD. Incidently, song MA6 is not complete in the film. Part of the song is in the film with dialogues and other rude noises such as doors being slammed between.The complete song is available only on the record..