Dwijen Mukherjee

Dwijen Mukherjee first came into limelight due his very "Hemanta-Like" voice. Of course he was also an excellent singer and quickly established himself as an accomplished "rabindrasangeet" singer. His friendship with Salil started in the late '40s through their common association with IPTA. Hemanta was also in the IPTA at that time. His next big break came when he recorded the path breaking songs "shyamal boroni ogo kanya" and "klaanti naame go" for Salil. As a composition "shyamal boroni" was a masterpiece and "klaanti naame go" was unique. This album helped Dwijen tremendously. Its phenomenal success followed with other very successful Salil compositions such as "akdin phire jaabo chole", "pallabini go sancharini" etc. One of his rare and beautiful records must be Salil's brilliant composition of Michael Madhusudan Datta's two poems - "rekhomaa daasere mone" and "aashaar chhalane bhooli". He became a close friend of Salil and Salil later invited him to Bombay to sing in a few Hindi films notably Madhumati, Maya, Honeymoon, Jawahar,and Sapan Suhaane.
For some strange reason Salil re-recorded some of Dwijen's old songs like "shyamal boroni ogo kanya" in the early '80s with disastrous results. Ignoring that quite a few of Dwijen Mukherjee's songs will always remain popular.

Hnd = Hindi; Mal = Malayalam; Tam = Tamil; Tel = Telegu; Kan = Kannada; Bng = Bengali; Oth = Other




Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth


Shyamal boroni ogo kanyaa 1952 CH4 - - - - - -


Klaanti naame go 1952 - - - - - - -


Rekhomaa daasere mone
lyrics: michael modhusudhan datta
1957 - - - - - - -
DM4 Aashaar chhalane bhooli
lyrics: michael modhusudhan datta
1957 - - - - - - -
DM5 Akdin phire jaabo chole 1963 MA7
- - - - - -
DM6 Pallobini go sanchaarini 1963 MA2 - - - - - -
DM7 Sajal sajal megh korechhe 1980 - - - - - - -
DM8 Meghbaran kaalo chule 1980 - - - - - - -
DM9 Eso aaj ei shubhodine
(for Doordarshan with Calcutta Choir)
1993 - - - - - - -
DM10 Banglaa maago (for AIR)
(with Sabita Chowdhury)
19?? DZ2 - - - - - -
Song DM1and DM2 were rerecorded by Dwijen in 1980 with very different arrangement by Salil. Specially, 'Shyamal baroni ogo kanya' has a new choir arrangement in the backgound which didn't go down very well with the audience.The first recording of this song back in 1952 created such an impression with the Bengalees that they found the new jazzed-up version a far cry from the original song. By the way, not many people realise that the first two lines of the other well-known Dwijen song 'Klaanti naame go' is based on 'Happy birthday to you' ! Salil changed the 4/4 rhythm to 3/4 and created an unforgettable composition with separate melody for each line.