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Mere Apne (1971)
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Lyrics: Gulzaar

Title Music

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Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
MA1 Haal chaal Theek Thaak hai Kishore, Mukesh - - - - - HM21 -
MA2 Roz akeli aaye, roj akeli jaaye Lata - - - - - - -
MA3 Ho ho, gangaa ki bhari god mei.n Manna Dey GN4
- - - - - -
MA4 Koi hotaa jisko apnaa hum apnaa Kishore - - - - - HM24 -

Mere Apne was the last film of Meena Kumari. During the shooting of the film she was very ill and the filming of the song "roz akeli jaaye" was cancelled several times.Gulzar liked this song very much and wanted this song in the film but not as a background song. Sadly Meena Kumari never recovered from her illness and the song was never included in the film. Strangely enough this song has three "antaras" and the record has only two !
A recent CD compiled by Gulzar (2003) does have this song also with two antaras. However, one of the antaras is different than the record. This goes to prove that HMV does have the complete song with all the three antaras but they just don't want to release the complete song.Thanks to my CoolEdit Pro software I have now created the complete version of "roz akeli jaaye" with all the three antaras !
Talk about plagiarism though! This song is more or less a direct copy of the famous Nazrul-geeti - "Meghla nishi bhore, mon je kemon kawre" originally recorded by SDB and later by Manna Dey. Shame on Salil - although his classy and rich orchestration changes the song completely and carries it to new heights.