Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Mere Bhaiyaa (1972)
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Lyrics: Yogesh, Som Thakur

Nr Song Singer(s)

Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
MB1 Har shamaa ne… marzi hai tumhaare

Lata, Manna Dey

- - - - - - -
MB2 Pyaas liye manwaa hamaara ye tarsey Lata Mangeskar - - - - - LM5 SB1
MB3 ChhoD chali ghar teraa baabul
Lyrics: Som Thakur
Lata Mangeskar - - - - - - -
MB4 Bhaiyaa re bhaiyaa, o taataa thaiyaa part_1
Bhaiyaa re bhaiyaa, o taataa thaiyaa part_2
Sushma ShreshTha, Jayshree, Naveen Kumar, chorus - - TI3 - - SM2 -
MB5 Ho.. o ho.. chanchal man par chhaaye Manna Dey - - - - - - -

I am convinced that the song 'Marzi hai tumhari' is a milestone in Salil's career. The sheer beauty of this composition is spelbinding. One of the best duets of Manna and Lata. I still can't figure out how Salil mastered this typical north indian qwaali style. Assisted by the depth and sheer beauty of Yogesh's lyrics and the superb 'Sawaal and Jawaab' between Manna and Lata, this song will always remain one of my most favourites. I couldn't help thinking the other masterful composition 'oy aiwe.n duniyaa dewe duhaai' in the film 'Jaagte Raho', another triumph of Salil. A true lover and believer of the Indian folk culture, Salil had absolutely no trouble assimilating the various folk styles of India. Be it the konkaneese fisheman's song or the 'bhaangra' , the typical 'north indian qwaali or the  song of the boatmen of East Bengal.