Sunbai (1962)
Nirmal Chitra (Kolhapur)

Story: Datta Raghunath Kawathekar
Producer: Hridaynath Mangeshkar, Director: Madhav Sindhe
Lyrics: V.S. Khandekar (songs SB3,SB4 and SB5), Shanta Shelke (songs SB1 and SB2)




Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
SB1 preet khule maanjhi soneri Lata MB2


- - - LM5 -
SB2 tujha sahwaas priyaa Lata - - - - - MC2 -
SB3 halava paalaana manjul gaa gaane ge Asha - - - - - OS15 -
SB4 dhaau nako var jhara jhara ? - - - - - - -
SB5 preetibinaa sukuni jaai rayaa jibichi usha Lata - PT1 - - - SC4 -
The only Marathi Film of Salil. Since this film was produced by Lata and she wanted to sing her favourite song once again in Marathi she finally got to sing the same song three times in as many languages ! I must say that the Marathi version 'preet khule maanjhi soneri' is equally beautiful. The original bengali song 'saat bhaai champaa jaago re' is a classic and every bengali knows it. It's slow hindi version in Mere Bhaiyaa "pyaas liye manwaa" is also wonderful and also sung by Lata. Now Lata gets to sing it again in her own language.The original bengali version of 'tujhasa hawaa priyaa' sung by Madhuri Chattopadhaay is an unforgettable song and I must say that Lata has done a superb job as well. Same thing goes for the song ' preetibinaa'. The original bengali song by Sabita, 'monobeena' is one of the finest compositions of Salil and one of the finest bengali songs. However, 'Halaava paalanaa manjul' must be the most surprising song in this film. It is a complete metamorphosis of a rarely heard beautiful folk song composed by Salil back in the '50s and sung by the then well-known Bengali folk singer Bishnupada Das. In fact the transformation is so seamless that with its marathi lyrics it sounds just like a typical marathi song with no hint of its bengali folk heritage. Salil's unique ability to transform a song which he composed in one language and transpose it to another language still remain unparalleled. Its the only song in this film which was sung by Asha (on the record the singer's name is given as Asha Bhonsle and others) but in places her voice does sound like a bit like Lata.
Unfortunately I could get only four of the five songs. Still looking for the SB4....