Regarding Salil Chowdhury

"It is difficult to say just a few words about Salil Chowdhury because his genius was so extensive. In addition to being composer and lyricist, he was also a talented writer. Salil was himself a great repository of Bengali music. In Bengali 'adhunik' (modern) music he created an entirely new era. Hindi music will also be forever indebted to him. Even during his lifetime the mere mention of his name elicited accolades. He successfully brought over so many elements of foreign and western melodies, and combined them with great effect in his music. We rarely witness the birth of such a talented and thoughtful individual, and his creations have made him immortal. I was very pleased to learn that in order to preserve the memory of such a talent, the family of Salil Chowdhury, Raimangal, and several other well-wishers have undertaken the auspicious task of preserving his compositions. Such an auspicious undertaking is indeed a rarity to them I express my heartfelt good wishes and gratitude. "

- Suchitra Mitra