Rammyageeti (All India Radio Bengali song recordings)

All India Radio, Kolkata recorded songs composed by well-known composers from the '50s and broadcast these songs regularly mostly in Medium Wave (MW). Only lately (post 2010) they have started broadcasting them in FM. All the other regional AIR stations did the same. AIR, Kolkata always had their own recording studio and own group of musicians. Besides songs they also recorded many well-known instrumentalists, including famous Sitarists, Sarod players, Flute players etc. These recordings were never released commercially. This is why these songs are so rare.

Salilda composed nearly 40 such songs. A couple of other composers also composed songs based on his lyrics. Exact numbers are difficult to find since there have never been any publications from AIR about these recordings. These Bengali songs were regularly broadcast under various categories viz: "E Maaser Gaan"(Song of the Month), Rammyageeti ("Songs to enjoy"), "Akashbaanir Gaan" or "Radior Gaan"(Radio songs), "Sangeetanjalir Gaan"(Song offering) etc. Over the last 30 years I have been pain stakingly and patiently collecting these songs from various sources. People have helped me by recording them while they were being played and shared with me. I have used software to clean the songs and tried to improve the quality. The list is definitely not complete ! I know there are many other songs composed by Salilda but I have not received them yet.

Thanks to Ranabir Neogy a lifelong collector of Salil's records had been collecting these songs for years. My initial collection started with what he gave me. After this two other music lovers named Debopriyo Chakraborty and Amit Mukherjee also helped me to add to my collection. But each one of them had to depend on others to find these songs.

Satyaki Sarkar, a young man with a passionate love for old Bengali songs contacted me a few years back and told me about his love for Salil's music. He had been collecting second hand records for years and has built up a sizeable and priceless collection. Fortunately All India Radio in Kolkata started broadcasting some of the rare Rammyageeti's recently and Satyaki had been tirelessly recording them. Without his help some of these songs would never be available to all of us.

The year of recording given may or may not be correct - that is because the radio announcers rarely gave such details. I have not included the category for the same reason. Please note that I have not managed to get all the songs in this list - yet.

Song Singer(s) Year Lyrics

Any known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
Holud gnadaar phool Sabita Chowdhury 1957

Salil Chowdhury

MM5         SC26  
MW2 Kashmir Punjab Hindu Rajasthan
(Music: Abhijit Bandyipadhyay)
Hemanta Mukherjee
1964 Salil Chowdhury              
MW3 Swadesh aamaar swapno aamaar
(Music: Abhijit Bandyipadhyay)
Dwijen Mukherjee 1964 Salil Chowdhury              
MW4 Kano e mon amon kamon kare Sabita Chowdhury 1965 Salil Chowdhury           OB6  
Kichhu kichhu katha aache Sabita Chowdhury 1969 Salil Chowdhury CS6            
Tumi akhon aamaar mone Sabita Chowdhury 1969 Salil Chowdhury          
MW7 Kichhu jano bhaalo naahi laage Sabita Chowdhury 1969 Salil Chowdhury              
MW8 Antara mandire Sabita Chowdhury 1970 Salil Chowdhury              
Ke_jano pather maajhe Sandhya Mukhopadhyay 1970 Suhas Chowdhury           SM8  
MW10 Mon moyuri Sabita Chowdhury 1970 Salil Chowdhury              
Godhulir klaanto chhayaa Sandhya Mukhopadhyay 1970 Salil Chowdhury OB4         SC14  
MW12 Guru guru guru Sandhya Mukhopadhyay 1970 Salil Chowdhury AN6         SC33
Chole je jaay din Shyamal Mitra 1971 Salil Chowdhury AN4         OS59
Ogo surangana Shyamal Mitra 1971 Suhas Chowdhury             SL6
Shudhu tomaari jonne Sabita Chowdhury 1971 Salil Chowdhury ND2         OS32
Sur khunjchhi Sabita Chowdhury 1972 Salil Chowdhury              
Moynamotir gnaa Sabita Chowdhury 1972 Salil Chowdhury   RL2          
Koto ritu aase jaay Sabita Chowdhury 1972 Salil Chowdhury              
MW19 Ei desh ei desh Sabita, Manna Dey & Chorus 1972 Salil Chowdhury   AR4          
MW20 Aaj sarate aalor baanshi Sabita Chowdhury 1972 Salil Chowdhury CD3            
MW21 O mon uthaali pathaali re Sabita Chowdhury 1973 Salil Chowdhury              
MW22 Ke dheu jagaale aaj Sabita Chowdhury 1973 Salil Chowdhury              
MW23 Jaa re jaa re barasare Sabita Chowdhury 1973 Salil Chowdhury              
Aami sabaar aage maanus Sabita Chowdhury 1974 Salil Chowdhury              
Jhilmil jhilmil Sabita Chowdhury 1974 Salil Chowdhury LB3 SP3     OE3    
Dure dure theko naa go Sabita Chowdhury 1974 Salil Chowdhury              
Aami cholte cholte theme gechhi Sabita Chowdhury 1974 Salil Chowdhury              
MW28 Naa naa naa naa jeonaa chole Sabita Chowdhury 1975 Salil Chowdhury              
MW29 Gowrisringa tulechhe sir Chorus 1977 Salil Chowdhury              
Jhankaaro jhankaaro rudrobeenaa Chorus 1977 Salil Chowdhury              
MW31 Aamaar Protibaader Bhaasa Chorus 1977 Salil Chowdhury        
MW32 Protidin protikkhon Sabita Chowdhury 1983 Salil Chowdhury              
MW33 Bangla maago-part 1 Sabita & Dwijen 1984 Salil Chowdhury              
MW34 Bangla maago-part 2 Sabita & Dwijen 1984 Salil Chowdhury              
MW35 Du chokhe aashaar nodi chhalchhal Sabita Chowdhury 1986 Salil Chowdhury              
Tomaar maalaa theke akrashi phool niye
(Music: Dilip Roy)
Sabita Chowdhury 1988 Salil Chowdhury              
MW37 Ki jaani kano mon uthaali pathaali holo amon Sabita Chowdhury 1988 Salil Chowdhury              
MW38 Jege jege swapno dekhaar din chhilo Sabita Chowdhury 1990 Salil Chowdhury              
MW39 Tomaar khaataar sesher paataay Antara Chowdhury 1990 Salil Chowdhury              
MW40 Nomi surjo nomi jabakusuma Sabita Chowdhury 1991 Salil Chowdhury              

Quite a few songs were released commercially by HMV or Inreco but majority of these songs were never released. All India Radio is a large beaurocratic organisation and always had quite strict rules regarding commercial distribution. Salilda had a special relationship with the management and he managed to get some of his songs released by often changing the lyrics or the music arrangement just to circumvent the law !