Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Paasher BaaDi (1952)

Lyrics: PB1 and PB6 are by Salil, rest all by Bimal Ghosh




Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth


Jhir jhir jhir jhiir jhiri barosa Dhananjoy Bhattyacharya TW3 PV3 - - - - -


Rup saayorer buukey Dhananjoy Bhattyacharya CS3 - - - - - -


Kathaa kow saara daao Priti Bandyopadhaay - - - - - - -


Noyone taar bhomra kajol kaalo Dhananjoy Bhattyacharya DY1 CC1 - - - - -
PB5 Aahaa je kathaa goponey singer unknown - - - - - - -
PB6 Gnaayer bodhu (short version) various singers - - - - - HM1  
PB7 Ki chhande bendhechho kabari Dhananjoy Bhattyacharya - - - - - - -
PB8 Jab apne haath se singer unknown - - - - - - -

Superb songs and the title music has snippets from "paalki chaley" !. Records for the first four songs were released back in the 50s and thanks to the record collectors, HMV could release all the four songs in that four-volume cassette of Salil's Bengali Film songs - Chayonika Vol II. A must have for Salil admirers.
It was 'Jhir jhir jhir jhiir jhiri barosa' which changed the course of Bangali modern songs and Bengalees were just amazed. It was the beginning of Salil's long journey as the most original & talented composer and lyricist.
In the difficult to find and rarher jumpy VCD we could find the 5th song but not the singer's identity. Besides this song there is a unique version of "Gnaayer Bodhu" which is sung in different keys (scales) and snippets of two short songs.