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Dil Kaa Saathi Dil (1982)
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Lyrics: Manohar

Nr Song Singer(s)

Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
DD1 pyaar mei.n jo bhi, kuchh bhi kahoo.nga K.J Yesudas KU2 MS4 PV1 AP2 - OS44 -
DD2 ay mere dil gaa pyaar ki dhun par S. Janaki, chorus MD1 MS6 PV3 AP3 - OS45 -
DD3 ye mere prem ki gaaye raagini, ye hawaa K.J. Yesudas,
S. anaki
- MS2 PV5 AP1 - OS42 -
DD4 saagar niDhaal ho gayaa K.J.Yesudas - MS5 PV4 - - SC30 -
DD5 chhalke, saanjh ke nainaa chhalke S. Janaki - MS1 PV2 - - SC27 -
DD6 ye maatam ki dhun aaj saazo.n pe
naa chheDo
K.J. Yesudas - MS3 PV6 - - LM34 -

This is the Hindi dubbed version of the original Malayalam Film 'Madanolsavam'. TheTamil version is 'Paruvamajhai' .
When this film was dubbed, the song#DD1 was also translated into hindi. But, there was already a hindi song (KU2) with the same melody in the film 'Kuhasaa' sung by no other than Yesudas!
Similar thing happened with the song#DD2. Out of nowhere appears another 'unknown' film called Mera Damaad (release date 1995) with another hindi version of this song. Sometimes I think Salil just lost the track(no pun intended) of his version table !