Bengali Films of Salil Chowdhury

Parivaar (1956)

Lyrics: Shailendra

Title music




Other known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
PV1 taa thai thai.. jaa to se nahi.n
boloo.n kanhaiya.n
Lata,Manna OB14 - - - -


PV2 baavali banaa ke chhoDa Asha - - - - - - -
PV3 ek do teen chaar paa.nch chheh Asha & Chorus - - - - - - -
PV4 kue.n ke kood ke mar jaana
(in 2-parts)
Kishore & Chorus
- - - - - - -
PV5 jhirjhir jhirjhir badarwaa barse Lata,Hemant -


- - -


Some superb gems from Salil. The Lata and Manna duet is just incredible.
Asha's solo 'baavli banake chhoda' is one of Asha's rarest and most beautiful songs. Salil shows his love and repect to one of his mentors Beethoven in "Ek do teen". Here one can hear how he used a small part from Beethoven's "Pastoral" 6th Symphony.
The two-part Kishore song is a classic vintage Kishore. In this song he uses at least five different voices - flawlessly. I have never laughed so much listening to a song.
And of course the Lata-Hemant duet 'Jhir jhir jhirjhir' remains one of Salil's all time greats.
Antara recorded a new version of this song in Bengali with different lyrics and substantially changed interlude in 1990. Unfortunately, it comes nowhere near the Lata-Hemant original.