Basic Songs in Other Languages

Salil composed non-film songs nearly always in Bengali. Obviously this has to do with his associations with IPTA. This is when he composed some of the most memorable songs. How does one categorize these songs? I asked him this question once. He replied that this was the most important time of his life. His political consciousness and his involvement in the political movement challenged and encouraged him to compose these songs which he called the 'songs of consciousness and the songs of awakening'. Later he started composing popular bengali songs and composed songs for nearly each and every well-known and less-well known singers. However, there are quite a few songs I have unearthed which he had composed in other language including Hindi, Assameese and Malayalam. Below is the list of all his non-film basic songs. I do not promise that this list is complete. I only discovered a few months back that 9 malayalam non-film songs were released in the early nineties. Aparently there's also an album called 'Shivashruti' released in Kerala sometime ago but I haven't been able to locate it yet. It sounds rather non-Salil type. I mean Salil composing Shivashruti ?
I found some other songs recorded by Lata, Kishore etc which seem to have been recorded for hindi films but they never made it to any film.

Song Singer(s) Year Lang Lyric

Any known variations

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth
Tu zinda hai to zindagi ki Bombay Youth Choir 1953 Hnd


MD4         MS32  
OB2 Ab machal uthaa hai dariyaa Satinath
1955 Hnd Govind Munshi              
Taare Daaman Sabita Chowdhury 1969 Hnd Gulzar       CM2      
Jaane kyaa sochkar Sabita Chowdhury 1969 Hnd Gulzar           SC14
O phagun re utola ba Sabita Chowdhury 1969 Asm Anuradha Das     TV2     OS39  
Phagun tomaak Sabita Chowdhury 1969 Asm Anuradha Das           RS2
O kapou pahi Sabita Chowdhury 1969 Asm Phoni Talukdar           SC53  
Mon possuaar Sabita Chowdhury 1969 Asm Phoni Talukdar   RL2       SC10  
Beete deeno.n ke sapne Arundhoti Holme
198? Hnd Yogesh CD2         AS7  
Koi aisi kabita Saikat Mitra 198? Hnd Yogesh           AN29  
Beet jaat barhka ruut Antara Chowdhury 198? Hnd Yogesh           AN28  
Maane na maane na bandhan Antara Chowdhury 198? Hnd Yogesh           MB3  
O re sun mere manjhi Arundhoti & Sibaji 198? Hnd Yogesh           AS17  
OB14 Aaj par sakhi Haimanti Shukla 198? Hnd Yogesh PV1            
Puraane din Chorus for TV 198? Hnd Yogesh   OB32       MS38  
Chalo bhore ke raahi Chorus for TV 198?` Hnd Yogesh           MS19  
Tumhe watan pukaarta Chorus for TV 198? Hnd Yogesh           MS29  
Milkar chalo saathi Chorus for TV 198? Hnd Yogesh           MS23  
Hum raahi daro nahi Chorus for TV 198? Hnd Yogesh           MB2  
Wo din hai kitnaa duur Chorus for TV 198? Hnd Yogesh           MS41  
Saathi ab milke chalo Chorus for TV 198? Hnd Yogesh         AS18 SS2
Zindagi juaa hai Kishore 19?? Hnd ??           SK8  
Hum kho gayee Lata 19?? Hnd ??   EG5       JR2  
Humko kisne dekhaa hai Amit Kumar 19?? Hnd ??              
Moina o moina Asha & Chorus 19?? Hnd ??   RL1       SR3  
OB26 Gaa man mere gaa Yesudas 19?? Hnd ??   SW3       OS35  
OB27 Oru poovuthadi manna K.S. Chitra 1991 Mal O.N.V.Kurup   MP1       AS5  
OB28 Yaathrayay Unni Menon 1991 Mal O.N.V.Kurup MT1         OS31
OB29 Malarchundiel K.S.Chitra 1991 Mal O.N.V.Kurup           LM16  
OB30 O neelanadhi Unni Menon 1991 Mal O.N.V.Kurup           LM15  
OB31 O neelanadhi K.S.Chitra 1991 Mal O.N.V.Kurup           LM15  
OB32 E thanindiya K.S.Chitra and Unni Menon 1991 Mal O.N.V.Kurup           OB15
OB33 Vaanampaadineevava Unni Menon 1991 Mal O.N.V.Kurup           SY2  
OB34 Vinnilprakkal Unni Menon 1991 Mal O.N.V.Kurup           SM1  
OB35 Pravathamayi Unni Menon and Chorus 1991 Mal O.N.V.Kurup           HM9  
OB36 koduvaathi_chaaykaaruthi Unknown 199? Kodava unknown   NL2 AK2     SM13  

"ab machal uthaa hai dariyaa" is an IPTA song which was frequently performed by Bombay Youth Choir. This is the only recording of the song released by HMV on a 78rpm record in the '50s.The lyrics of Song#OB4 starts exactly like that famous Kishore song from the film 'Kinaara' (MD: RDB). The lyrics of both these songs are by Gulzar ! Salil composed two Bengali songs with the same melody as Song#OB4. One was sung by Sandhya Mukherjee (SM7) for the All India Radio but no records were released for this song. The other by Sabita (SC13) was released as a record.
The songs OB22 to OB26 were released in a cassette published by Salil's own company, CMR. The title of that cassette was 'New Hindi Film Songs of Salil Chowdhury'. Some excellent songs and excellent recordings. A collector's item indeed. No film names were given and no lyricist's names either. I could associate most of the songs to film names, except the song# OB22 to OB25. Hence they are listed here. Interestingly, 'Humko kisne dekha hai' is the only song Amit Kumar ever recorded for Salil, except that it never made it to a film and it hasn't done poor Amit Kumar any good. It's not one of Salil's better compositions.  May be he had a bad day. 'Moina re moina', on the other hand is a brilliant composition and one of Asha's finest Salil songs.It's Malayalam version in the film 'Raasaleela'  (RL1) is equally good and more varied. The bengali version (SR3) in the film 'Sister', although well led by Manna Dey, doesn't have the same punch.
The last 9 songs in the table (OB27 to OB35) are quite a surprise to me. After visiting Kerala and talking to some diehard Salil fans in early 2001 I discovered that these songs were produced by O.N.V.Kurup in an album called 'Suvarnarekha'. O.N.V.Kurup was close to Salil and he wrote the lyrics of most of Salil's Malayalam films. Basically all the songs of 'Suvarnarekha' are all well-known Bengali songs. It seems that Salil didn't spend much time in arranging the orchestration. Here and there one hears the imbalance in the mixing and in general it's not his best arrangement. I must say that the singers Unni Menon and K.S.Chitra did a fine job.