Malayalam Films of Salil Chowdhury

Thumboli Kadappuram (1994)

Lyrics: ONV Kurup

Title Music




Other known versions

Hnd Mal Tam Tel Kan Bng Oth


Kaathil K.J.Yesudas - - - - - HS1 -


Etharo K.J.Yesudas & Ch. UK2 - - - - - -


Olangale K.S.Chitra - - - - - AN34 -


Yesudas - - - - - - -




- - - - HS1  
A cassette was released by a company called Sargam. It lists three songs but in fact it contained 4 songs and the fourth song is TK4. It's a classical song based on the karnataki raga beautifully sung by Yesudas. I wonder how Salilda knew about this raga and felt comfortable to even compose a song based on this raga. One of the best Salil songs I would say. According to our very knowledgeable Salil admirer Sadanand Warrier, this song is based on a carnatic raga called Shubha Panthuvarali.The closest approximation in Hindustani music would be ragas belonging to the Poorvi thaat possibly Lalit which sort of merges with both Todi and Poorvi thaats.
Song #TK2 is a nice variation on that famous 'Machalti aarzoo' by Lata from 'Usne Kahaa Tha'.
'Olangale' is a unique song composed in 'paanch-maatra' - i.e  1-2-3,1-2 rhythm. Antara Chowdhury first recorded this song in Bengali 'O bhola mon' in 1990.Salil was experimenting with the suspended 4th chords then and he was rather pleased with that song.
K.S.Chitra's version of 'Kathil' (TK5) is excellent and is a rare find. It's in the film but not in the cassette.