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never. I have already told you that in my case it is perhaps not just an acceptance of my talent but expectation for the future.

Q: It is quite unusual to reward a contemporary artist for his or her creative work. Usually, the next generation does it. Any comments ?

A: Except a few exceptions, it is quite unusual to see the acceptance of the contemporary creative artists. All around the world there are many examples of artists who received criticisms and rejection during their lifetime. Mozart was buried as a beggar. Goethe commented on Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony “Their productions (newest composer’s) are no longer music…”. You may know that the Fifth Symphony is one of the very best compositions in the world. So, the acceptance of a contemporary artist's work has not been very common.
I am not sure if by giving this award to a composer of modern music like me the West Bengal Govt would get embarrassed. Only the future can tell us.

Q: You are not only a leading composer, you are also a poet, playwright, lyricist and a writer. So, why did you choose music to express your feelings ?

A: Although there are many ways one can express their feeling and I do have some knowledge and experience in them it is not really possible to communicate or express your feelings in all the mediums. What Rabindranath could express in his drawings he could not have expressed it in his music or writings. Although In my case music is my first love, when music is not sufficient or the right media I try using other medium.
Q: Do you think your current fame and recognition is a result of certain connecting events or did it happen because of conscious, serious studies and hard work ?

A: Music was never a flash of light to me. From my childhood till now whatever I have learned is due to serious study, practice, listening and analysis. One can not reach far in any field without attaining the professional standard.

Q: During those golden days of Mass Songs (Ganasangeet) you were a leading figure and a pathfinder . Do you think music can be a training medium for the masses ?

A: The role of mass songs during the ‘40s and ‘50s in our country was quite promising

in spreading the mass consciousness which would be a more  accurate description than mass education.The class struggle has been going thru a rapid change. In the international arena the peace loving people believing in a humane society are struggling to unite to fight against a possible third world war. In our country a unified and democratic movement by the working population against the separatism, regionalism and terrorism is becoming the main struggle. Of course Mass songs can be used to spread and encourage the mass consciousness.

Q: We do not feel very hopeful about the current state of Bengali or Indian music. If you could give us your comments on this.

A: Currently the contemporary or the modern Indian music is going thru a seriously critical period.
In one hand the commercial film songs and the non-film music is shamelessly copying
the tasteless western disco music and on the other hand our more traditional music like Gazal

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